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Kidnapped · by · Neptune

The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird.

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I'm not going to be around for awhile. I'm having a hard time. I'll miss you guys.
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Funny Christmas cakes
yule log
yule log
Three funny fabrics from an apron Nina made me! The first one is my favorite: Prescription bottles and band-aids.
Noah upgraded to a full-size guitar, and Zac's telescope in the back.
Caleb has his own camcorder now, and a better tripod than me. That's Julie with him.
When I got this book, I thought the next box would be a Wii, but instead...
no wii
I received this giant cat-head waffle maker. It's still cute! Hello Kitty!
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Anyone on my flist know someone who wants to sell this?
all I want for Christmas
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Hey lilusako, let's do a photoshoot of all the stuff Meta puts out that EGL hates!
mrs mechanic
Someone find me another. I don't care how my butt looks.

Caleb was baptised. Noah took this photo. Holy holy holyyyyyyy...
holy boy
Afterwards, good met with evil to rid the earth of...evil? Good grandpa.
good vs. evil

Noah marched in the Redlands parade this month. He chose the biggest instrument he could get his little hands on. I'm glad the school didn't offer tuba.
trombone love

Discussing serious business.
serious business
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Tonight is Noah's first show!

Hope we'll be okay...

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hopeful hopeful
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Hyde tonight!
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we need more practice

I'll post pictures from the trip later, but I didn't want to wait on our first purikura! We suck! Someone stuck a plane over Zac's face, and got carried away with some other stuff, but it's cute! I wish the picture booths around here had such capabilities. I tried to show off my Meta punkma butt flap, but I was too slow. So here you go!
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Does Metamorphose email you before they ship something out? My card has been charged, but no item....
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Today I saw tokidoki bags and belt pouches at Nordstrom. But I had to resist to save money for summer vacation. That is all.
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So fucking busy.

I am way busier now that one child goes to school. Sometimes when people find out you don't have a job outside the home (stay at home mom - I hate that phrase) they tap you for soooooo much. At least Gil came home. Things were getting out of control = I fail at raising kids alone.

Zac's been accepted at the Montessori farm school. Hooray! A few weeks ago a student cracked his skull open when a catapult they built came crashing down on him, and Zac was like "They get to build catapults?" I hope that kid is okay.

Breast biopsies suck. I got to watch the whole thing and it was fascinating and gross at the same time. But the staff was so good. They acted like I was about to break. They did so much and I didn't feel any pain! It's not a tumor. All the caffeine I consume has caused me to develop rocks in my boobs. Or something. :0

I have some new stuff I should post pictures of. We threw out all the old furniture and bought a sofa and chair from Crate and Barrel. I used to open that catalog and pretend I had to pick just one sofa. Twelve years isn't too long to wait. I have some clothes, including the Meta jumper from M. DON'T EVER LEAVE LJ AGAIN. It's not as fun without you.

I have tickets to see Hyde and Moi dix Mois, one after the other. What is so special about Anaheim? I thought the M10M show would sell out quickly, but the tickets are the most expensive we've bought in awhile. I think it turned a lot of people off. They went on sale without much of an announcement. Dir en grey had loads of hype. And they're supposed to play just a handful of miles away, in the next city over, but I'm pretty broke after the other two shows. It's just weird that they'll be so close. How could I not go? At least it won't be until August. I'll have some time to rebuild my funds. The size small shirt I bought at the show is toooo big, and now Hot Topic carries youth sizes! I wanna go just to see what they actually have in store. I can buy stickers for my very old station wagon that I use to haul wood and hay.

Sorry to be so boring. I like reading posts from hightranceplay, miyusakura, lilyofthevalley, agentscuiy, theosakakoneko, lilusako, M, sadakostrikes and shanzig, twistedsword too!, so you guys better not cut me. I'm just so bogged down in school business, that I should be the one going to school if I'm going to be this busy.
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